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I consider myself a Researcher. I currently work as an independent consultant for standardization committees and security related projects. I am also working on several projects that hopefully will help make this world safer and bring awareness of some upcoming threats.

I consider myself an Inventor. In the past I have created several security devices, such a self-destructible removable memory or a PCI bus hardware antivirus system. Creating brings joy to my life. If you need to create some new idea, and it falls in my expertise, I may be able to help.

I consider myself a Rebel. Trust but verify, comply but dissent. New ideas are created by failures. We live in a society used to risk aversion. For me, the only way to create, is to rebel, to take risks, even if that means failing. A rebellion is not a synonym of chaos, but rather a synonym of a fight to create something new.

I consider myself an Artist. Sometimes I create or do something for no apparent reason or logic, just driven by my inner passions. Not everyone is an artist, but everyone can be. You just need to create or do something that defies logic, only to please your inner concept of beauty, not once or twice, but every time that is necessary to fulfill your happiness.

I consider myself an Ignorant, and a forever Student. Every time I learn a new field, I am even more ignorant, as a new world opens up in front of my eyes, previously unknown. Happiness comes from ignorance, so learning makes me happier.

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